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'Torture for fun': police given shocking abattoir footage.

Workers at an Ingham poultry plant in Sydney's south west are secretly filmed mistreating live turkeys. 
WARNING: some viewers may find these images distressing.


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We demand CCTV in all Australian abattoirs and factory farms.  

CCTV acts as a deterrent to workers who may mistreat animals.  

CCTV also provides a legally filmed recording to prosecute workers who do so.  With ongoing undercover footage surfacing of animals abused in Australian abattoirs, factory farms and piggeries, MANY caring Australians are looking for solutions!   Help us be a voice for these defenseless animals as we push for the installation of CCTV in all Australian abattoirs, factory farms and piggeries. CCTV ideally will be monitored by independent authorities, and is relatively affordable to implement.   

The United Kingdom has a model that we are closely following.  They have successfully had CCTV installed in many slaughterhouses, largely due to the work of UK Animal Aid - by working with UK leading supermarkets and their meat suppliers. Interestingly, the UK Government were initially not interested in helping out, but that has since changed.  In January 2013, a motion was forwarded in UK Parliament for the mandatory installation of CCTV in all slaughterhouses in UK.   

Australia continues to lag behind other developed nations when it comes to animal welfare standards. 

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