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If you type into the search bar of Facebook "sluts" or anything to that effect, you'll find hundreds of pages with really young people selling themselves, flirting, talking outrageously and offering, if you know what I mean.

Facebook bans naturist photos but allows pornographic pages! Where young people are offering their bodies to strangers!

Imagine your son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson - just someone in your family going behind your back and posting things like this...

"I want a gf that is naughty and is around my age(14-15)"

This is dangerous! Highly dangerous! Perverts, murderers - anyone could be coming to your house while your out to harm your child, your family!

This is really graphic wording form a male on one of the pages. Please read at your own risk...

"Where r the squirters at wanna c cum running out the pussy like a faucet inbox me" (Really bad speller!)

This petition is to get Facebook to shut down these pages! To stop ignoring the harmful pages that clearly violate the terms and conditions.

I felt SICK when I saw what 13 year olds were writing to 20+ year olds! It made my stomach churn!

This is disgusting, horrible, degrading and we women wonder why we get no respect from men and men wonder why they get no respect from us women? You're both as bad as each other!

No matter how many times you report these pages, nothing will be done. Further more, there are far too many page to report them all.Sign this petition to get the pornographic pages off of Facebook and save the children!


Kimberley Craigie

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To protect the children from this harmful, degrading filth!

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