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THE PREFET and the Collectivité of SAINT MARTIN

Please uphold the rights of these two touristic institutions that have been in the business of promoting Saint Martin as a tourist destination since 1992. They need to get back their beach chair concessions and the container needs to be removed from blocking the entrance to Bikini Beach and the circulation of the local Taxis ! (letters have been sent to Urbanisme, with no response)             The parking area at Kontiki must be liberated from the large boulders that hinder circulation as well !The improper use of their names by private parties MUST stop. IT is confusing to tourists who find themselves in an establishment that does not reflect the same spirit or service as the original and rightful owners. Any effort to close or evict these two Original establishments when their is a criminal case pending charging government officials with serious crimes would reflect badly of the legitimacy of the Saint Martin government and the running of the island.


Elisa Cohen

This petition closed over 4 years ago

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The judicial process is complicated and long in France and we want to make sure that there is no miscarriage of justice while the Criminal case as well as civil cases are pending.


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