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Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Arizona Department of Corrections

It's known that solitary confinement is extremely damaging to a person's mental health, it often induces mental illness in what was a previously healthy prisoners. It's particularly damaging to those with pre-existing mental illness. For these prisoners, solitary has a high risk of psychiatric injury, self-harm, or even suicide. Deprived of the key fundamentals like social interaction that is essential to keep people grounded in reality, many prisoners with mental illness experience severe and most often irreversible psychiatric deterioration.

Several Courts have ruled that prisoners with mental illness suffer such serious mental harm in solitary that it violates the Eighth Amendment to house them within solitary confinement. One Court even compared putting a person with mental illness in solitary to "putting an asthmatic in a place with little air to breath."  We need to take action against such in humane treatment. 


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Solitary Confinement is not only a violation of this Country's Amendments it's also a violation against Man Kind! 

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