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Wingard Home is proud to endorse to you our daughter Rebekah Wingard. We will be sending her to Miyagi-Ishinomaki, Japan this summer through Mission to the World, even though Rebekah has ministered with us to the homeless and battered in Mississippi for several years, God has called her to minister to the children of Japan. We ask that you prayerfully read the following letter and join with us in support of her missionary journey.  

Rebekah Wingard's Support Letter.

Dear Friends & Supporters,

This coming May, I will have the opportunity and the pleasure to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the children of Miyagi-Ishonomaki in Japan for this Summer. After praying and long consideration I am going to Japan with Mission to the World which is the mission sending agency for the Presbyterian Church of America and do what God has called me to do.

As you know in May of 2011 Japan was hit by an Earthquake and Tsunami that took out many homes, schools, and work places. This is a great country and they have great spirits to be able to hold their heads high after such traumatizing events. Japan's primary religions are Shinto and Buddhism, only around 1 percent of Japan is Christian. As a daughter of Christ and person who has a deep passion for Japanese people and their culture I feel God is calling me to share with them his gift of eternal life.

However I can't do this on my own, I need your help in order for me to achieve my calling, being able to tell them that there is a God that made them in his image and loves them very much is something I would love to be apart of. I need to raise the total amount of $7,300 by May 1st. You can make your payments via check made payable to Missions to the World with my name and support account number (#18358) which is on the pledge card. I would be appreciative and thankful for every little thing. I would also love your prayers for me as I embark on this life changing experience. I look forward to your prayer and donations. If you would like to know anymore information please feel free to contact me. For the pledge card please send me an e-mail and i will send it to.

God Bless & Thank you 

Rebekah Wingard

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