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The County of Oakland Michigan

My daughter was kidnapped from her family on one of the coldest days of the year by the Oakland County Michigan Department of Human Services. She was placed in a home of strangers and her biological family was told that, although her mother is unstable, she says her father has done terrible things, so were going to make him pay thousands of dollars in his defense, (They left that part out, money could never be mentioned in front of her again, at least, not by her father.) then make him take parenting classes that interfere with work, drug tests several times a week, tell him he can only spend an hour with you on certain days, and if he has to work, that will go down in his file as "missing a visit" although they can, and do, cancel whenever they wish. Then, call him in to court, constantly, interfering with work, eventually leading to loss of parental rights, etc.. Sound familiar? I never thought I'd be the guy telling this story, because I'd heard it time and time again from other people and thought "They must of done something, the government wouldn't do that." They did. Now, I haven't seen my daughter in almost 4 years, continued to pay child support up until last year, and gave myself some breathing room and moved a couple of states away. In my occupation, I work at a lot of public events. If I was working at a theater, stadium, fair, sporting event etc... and happened to run into my child, and her Federally Subsidized False Family, I could possibly be charged with a crime, so I moved, to start over and wait until she turns eighteen, (In 2021) and hope every day that she will remember me and want to see me again. Now, they sent me a letter saying that I owe them, more fines and costs ordered by this man but will not tell me exactly what I am being charged an additional 2,900.00 for, it's unspecified, or how they came up with that amount,  but if I don't come up with it by May 20th, 2013, or drive 5 hours to their court, and take the day off work, to possibly be thrown in jail for not having the money, they will place a warrant out for my arrest. Show up, pay, or be locked away.There is a whole lot more involved with this story, as a complex situation like this can be, but I'm tired. I'm tired of hearing this story, I'm tired of living this story. PLEASE HELP END THIS STORY!


Ed Cell

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