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The Cook Organic Garden Club is run by a student organization as a part of Rutger's University in New Brunswick, NJ. However, plots can be cared for by people outside of the college community if they adhere to the rules and regulations set in place by the club. I do not belong to the college but have followed all of the rules set in place up until the recent announcement that the trees on my plot must be cut down.

Their rule pertaining to the trees in my plot is as follows:

"Trees are not to be planted in individual garden plots. Trees may be planted in designated border areas or in pots. Shrubs and tall plants should be planted where they are least likely to cast shade on other plots. Any garden structures should be constructed to minimize shading neighboring plots." [1]

I have taken care of the Corkscrew Willow trees in my garden for the past ten years but this rule was established only five years ago. Now, the executive committee is planning to remove them on April 13th without my approval. As a statement to protect all forms of nature, please sign this petition to help me save these trees! 

[1] Cook Organic Garden Club

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