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Help HAR in creating the new oasis for stray animals!

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How this will help

HAR's new shelter needs your support!

We need to relocate our shelter as the rent became too high and location is too far … The new location is much nearer and allowing us to have separate yards for dogs as well as warmer inside for our animals!  But there is the need of building the fence around the space of 10.000 square meters for keeping the dogs safe and the estimate costs are around 25 Euro / meter.

What would you think of becoming a "shareholder" in our fence action and symbolically buy ½ or 1 meter of the fence?  How would you like to be a part of our new dogs' oasis? A "certificate" will be issued and updates will be available on the event page and our site!

Abandoned, forgotten, abused dogs need your support! Please, let's make a nice oasis for them! Please, SHARE!

Donations can be made via :

PayPal: [email protected]


Please follow our work progress on our FB event:

Thank you very much for all your actions and help!


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