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My Son Jonathan Cagner is a Freshman at Penn State University - Altoona. He is Participating in Project Rwanda in association with the "Penn State HESE Program" in which he will be volunteering From June 10-June 24 2013 in Rwanda to assist in building affordable green houses amonst other possible projects, in order to assist the Rwandans with a way to improve the food security issues they face every year. 

Link to Official Site:

Food insecurity is a significant issue in East Africa because of the long rain and equally long dry seasons, which prohibit farmers from growing crops year-round thus causing seasonal starvation and unemployment.
The Project also wants to employ construction workers and to train them in building the Mavuuno greenhouses for customers. 

The people they are helping have next to nothing to start with, and can barely feed or support there families. The Rwandan people are so grateful to be able through this project to work and earn wages during the wet and dry seasons as well as support and feed there families. 

All Expenses for the Trip is the sole responsibility of the Interns going on the project. 

We are so proud of him, and he is working so very hard to meet his goals, and I only wish we could afford to pay all of his expenses, but times are so tough right now for us and we can barely make ends meet ourselves between Jonathans school expenses, his brothers college expenses, and our own living expenses.

Any type of help no matter how much or how little will genuinely help more than you can ever know, not just for Jonathan, or us but for the people or Rwanda for who he is going on this trip to help in the first place. To read more about "Project Rwanda", and be directed to the Official Fund Raiser Site Follow this link

We totally understand that times are tough but the cost of a Starbucks Coffee $5 from 200 people will offset the trip emensly.

Right now we have $1150 Covered and Any Little bit will get him that much closer.

Our Obstacles are as Follows

  • $1800-$2000 to Purchased Rwandan RT Ticket From Phili - next 2 weeks. 
  • Round Trip from LAX to Philadelphia - Late April - $160 Each Way
  • $250 - CDC - Immunizations and Malaria Medication 
  • $600-$800 Needed for Expenses While Abroad 2 Weeks, Which Will be Converted to Local Currency on Arrival.

All we are asking is for a small donation if possible, and for you to forward this Message to at least 10 individuals with a personal message asking them for the same type of commitment.

If we can get the word out to 5,000 people, and .5% donate $3-$5 we would easily hit our goal. Together we can make a huge difference.

Again here is the link:

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