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To thank Protect Our Defenders Advocacy Board Members Brian Lewis, BriGette McCoy, and Jennifer Norr

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For the past few weeks, Protect Our Defenders Advocacy Board members have been tireless in their efforts to bring the epidemic of sexual assault in the military out of the shadows, and into the national spotlight.

Last Wednesday, Former U.S. Navy Petty Officer Brian Lewis and Former Army Specialist BriGette McCoy, veterans and survivors of sexual abuse in the military, testified at a Senate Armed Services Committee about their personal experience of being a victim to sexual assault while serving in the Armed Forces and what needs to be done to solve this crisis. 

Earlier this year Former Air Force Technical Sergeant Jennifer Norris testified in front of the House Armed Services on the ongoing scandal at Lackland Air Force Base. They, like many other survivors have been interviewed by countless newspapers, television programs, and blogs where they have recounted their own extremely difficult and painful stories in order to bring attention to the epidemic and highlight how to fix it.

Please take a minute to thanks these incredible men and women in uniform on Twitter and Facebook for supporting victims of sexual assault in the military, and working to eradicate it from the Armed Forces completely.

After experiencing first-hand the inability and unwillingness of the US Military to address the issue of sexual abuse within the ranks, Brian, Jennifer, and Brigette believe that the reporting, investigation, prosecution and adjudication of rape and sexual assault cases in the military, must be taken out of the chain of command and placed into an independent office with professional, military, and civilian oversight.


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