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The keychain trend has taken a disturbing turn, capturing live animals for the sake of fashion. According to The Examiner, a new Chinese fad is to sport keychains containing live goldfish, turtles and salamanders.

The animals are sealed in airtight containers and connected to key rings as good luck charms. Each keychain contains one creature and a small amount of colored water. Vendors say the water inside the container has special nutrients that keep the animal occupant alive for months.

These cruel knick knacks are becoming increasingly popular and can be bought for as little as $1.50. Animal rights group are working to make the sale of these keychains illegal as soon as possible.

China currently has a "Wild Animal Protection Act," but this is not extended to protect domestic animals. Animal rights groups have no doubt that these key chains are abuse. The pets inside are given no food, oxygen or space to move. Often the animals inside only live for a few days or in some cases just hours.

There have been reports of animal lovers buying the keychains and then freeing the animal inside to protect them. Hopefully, this sad keychain trend will be ruled illegal and all of these animals will get their freedom.


Debbie McCartney

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To stop this cruel and unnecessary abuse on these animals !!!

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