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If you have joined us at Haiti Gardens then you know, or know of, Moliere, one of the hardest working men I've ever known—our groundskeeper who some say can individually do the work of one-dozen volunteers…remember that? 

Moliere is one of our most valuable human resources at Haiti Gardens. Moliere contributes to bettering the entire surrounding community with his array of skills and tirelessness.   He maintains security at the property and the vegetation we are growing.  He lives on site with his teenage daughter who is also becoming very helpful at Haiti Gardens.  They and their well-being are vital parts to the success of Haiti Gardens. 

Unfortunately, we had to layoff Moliere for almost 6months in 2012.  This is why we are writing an appeal to people we know, and who know of Moliere.   

Thankfully, Moliere is back on the property with his daughter as they prepare for many new developments at Haiti Gardens this summer.  His wage is currently $120US/Month, which equates to $4/day and just under $1500US/year.  This is obviously a very low wage compared to what we think of as a living wage in the "developed" world but has been enough, with subsidized housing, for Moliere to provide for himself and his daughter.  

Please consider helping us give Moliere a few extra dollars a day to compensate his beneficial efforts at Haiti Gardens. $1800US/year would breakdown like this: $150/month $37.50/week $5/day

As you see, a few dollars to many folks in North America, Europe, and parts of Australia, could mean a world of difference to Moliere. 

Please consider donating what you can to our friend and counterpart who is, with the very little he has, continuing to make Haiti a better place for ALL who live there.   


Thank you for your consideration.  We could not bring about positive change in disaster-affected areas of developing nations without help from great supporters like you. 

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