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Direct combat medals deserve higher recognition than non-combat awards. Brave men and women risk their lives in battlefield combat on a daily basis in order to protect our country.  Recognition for these brave heroes shouldn't be ranked lower than someone operating a drone behind a computer.  We congratulate and join the bi-partisan group of senators that have come together to challenge the creation and ranking of this new "Distinguished Warfare Medal".    

"We believe that medals earned in combat, or in dangerous conditions, should maintain their precedence above non-combat awards," wrote the 22 bi-partisan senators concerned about the new medal. "Placing the Distinguished Warfare Medal above the Bronze Star and Purple Heart diminishes the significance of awards earned by risking one's life in direct combat or through acts of heroism. Moreover, the Distinguished Warfare Medal's placement directly above the Soldier's Medal -- an award for bravery and voluntary risk of life not involving conflict with an armed enemy -- diminishes the precedence given to acts of individual gallantry in circumstances other than combat."[1]
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