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Polar bears, fur seals, sea lions, walruses, whales and millions of sea birds make their home in the Bering Sea, and beneath the surface abundant life thrives in the Bering Sea Canyons– larger than the Grand Canyon itself. The importance of this place reaches far beyond its borders as the majority of the fish caught in the United States come from the Bering Sea. 

But this spectacular ecosystem is under attack and showing signs of collapse. 

Large industrial fishing ships have already mined more than 150 billion pounds of fish from the Bering Sea — bulldozing over delicate deep sea corals and unique species of sponges in the process. The effect on the ecosystem has been devastating. 

It's not too late to protect Alaska's Bering Sea. The North Pacific Fishery Management Council is tasked with managing this national resource. We need protection for oceans worldwide, and we  can start with protecting the health of the Bering Sea.

Greenpeace is leading a worldwide effort to set aside 40% of our oceans as marine reserves. A global network of ocean parks-like Yellowstones of the sea- will allow marine life to flourish and help restore the diversity that once characterized our waters.

Today, less than one percent of the world's oceans are set aside as marine reserves. If we don't do more to protect and manage our oceans they aren't going to survive. Nowhere is that more important than the Bering Sea and its amazing canyons.

Tell the NPFMC to protect the Bering Sea Canyons. We can't afford to lose them.


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