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Join us for walking on 12 May 2013 Against Hypertension

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Hypertension is the main disease threatening human health, which harms lots of people in the world. Currently, every country has a rate 10%-20% with hypertension. It causes headache, dizziness, chest distress and other uncomfortable symptoms, impacting study, work and life. The most important is that hypertension would lead to pathological changes of brain, heart, vessels and kidney, as well as disability and death. In order to raise attention to hypertension, initiate healthier life style to prevent hypertension and emphases on the importance of hypertension treatment, World Hypertension League set May 17th as the World Hypertension Day starting from 2005. Increasing evidence shows that more exercises can prevent hypertension and control the symptoms of hypertension. Therefore we carry out the activity to raise attention to hypertension during World Hypertension Day.

Slogan: Walk to release pressure!

Time: May 12th, 2013 (Sunday)

Activities: Choose a route by yourselves, walk around the city, release the pressure, eating pears and putting rubber ducks over waters.

Objective: Advocate the prevention and treatment of hypertension; raise funds for Xintu's chronic disease prevention program.

Registration fee: 69 RMB (activity package includes T-shirt, postcard, badge, bracelet,backpack,leaflet and rubber duck)

Registration deadline: April 12th, 2013

Go to for registration and buy support package

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