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The Lamont Street Collective is facing an eviction. 

For 38 years, the Lamont Street Collective has served both Mount Pleasant and the greater DC communities as a hub for art, activism and social change. 

The LSC has been a home and work-space to the hundreds of artists, activists, and social innovators who have passed through its walls. It has served as a rallying point for organizing both in the Mount Pleasant community, wider DC, and the country.

Now, the Mount Pleasant Community could see the disappearance of what has been an integral part of its unique history and culture.

Although at one time there were more than 100 co-operatives and intentional communities like the Lamont Street Collective in Mt. Pleasant, largely due to decreasing availability of affordable housing, this tradition has all but disappeared and only a few of these houses and community spaces remain today. 

The LSC and Mt. Pleasant need your help to keep the vibrancy of this legacy alive. Help us to save art, activism, and affordable housing in Mt. Pleasant, DC.

Please sign and comment to show your support for the preservation of the Lamont Street Collective and their efforts to buy their home and establish a permanent center for art and social change in Mt. Pleasant. 


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