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On the 15th July 2012 my beautiful, innocent son Umar Tufail, 25, was cold bloodily murdered whilst he was sitting in his car eating his biscuits, by cowardly gang members. Killings by gangs are sadly common place in our newspapers but this case involved the death of a talented young man who was NOT a gang member, but a case of mistaken identity, a young, gifted man who worked for Tesco and aspired to make a difference to the youth of today via his good humoured music. Umar you were such a gentle, kind and loving soul, you had a laugh that was contagious, it was genuine and heartfelt and when you engaged in conversation Umar you listened. You truly listened and were there as only a true son/friend could be.

Umar was a very special friend to many people; he had a way about him that just made you like him. He was genuine and sincere always. If someone was upset Umar was there to bring them back from sadness, he was a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Umar was selfless in every way, he asked for nothing in return. Umar touched everyone who came into his life. Umar was everything a parent could wish for in a child, he was the best brother any sibling could ask for, a loving grandchild, nephew, cousin. To anyone who knew him he was a devoted true friend, never judging always caring.  You always sensed the warmth and love emanating from him. He was like a wise old man in a young person’s body. He had an aura about him. Music was Umar’s passion, that’s what he lived for. Through his style of unique rap and his passion of music he inspired a lot of young people; he gave them a focus in life. 

As I write this his murder trial is being carried out in the Old Bailey. I know that what I ask is hard and that people are afraid of repercussions but a change has to be made in the law we cannot allow our innocent children or people regardless of colour or where they are in life to be intimidated, or live in fear from these thugs in these gangs. We have to make a stand and say enough is enough we will not live in fear. Sentences have to be longer, jails should not consist of home comforts and soft touches. They have committed a crime and should have to be punished for it. Other countries have it right. Unfortunately my belief is that when you commit a cold blooded murder you lose your right to human rights, you make that choice when you take the human right from your victim to live.

I know that life is not black and white and there are different shades of grey but also taking someone’s life because you look at them in a wrong way, or looking different from someone else DOES NOT give anyone the right to take a life. The law is there for a reason and handing out any sentence should be left to the judges.


Saj Tufail

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People should sign to make a change for the better for our children and society at large. It cannot continue this way, we cannot allow gangs to run our country. Zero tolerance against gun, knife and gang culture.


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