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Adopt a Coral and Help restore a damaged Coral Reef & its Ecosystem

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How this will help

Three-quarters of the world's coral reefs are in danger of dying. The rapid decline of these complex ecosystems has significant social, economic and environmental impacts  around the world. 

Help us restore Serangan Coral Reefs: Adopt a Coral here>

Serangan, or Turtle Island, sits off of the SE coast of Bali. The island used to be a turtle breeding ground with coral reefs frequented by divers. But all coral reefs around have been dredged to extend the island up to 4 times its original size for a construction program who never got finished, so most part of the island is a flat unused land.  

We are working with a local community on site, Karya Segara, educating them and empowering them to conserve marine ecosystems and sustain community livelihoods by valuing biodiversity and education.

We already have restore about 250m2, over 800 corals have been transplanted on 20 artificial reefs. Corals are coming from our culture tables nearby.

Our objective is to restore 2500m2  over the next 5 years. This zone is actually under process of being approved as a Marine Protected Area of 2Ha.

Help us restore Serangan Coral Reefs: Adopt a Coral here>

Impacts & Results
Environmental-The program has the effect of regenerating biodiversity lost from the damaged area.-This has the effect of preserving and regenerating an important source of food for the village.-The reef-building corals, such as forests, reduce the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. 

Economic-The program has enabled the creation of 20 local jobs.-The Sanctuary will be used as eco-tourism activity for the exclusive benefit of the local population, is also a tool to raise awareness of marine conservation for tourists.-This also provides an opportunity for the village to turn towards eco-tourism, and thus give an opportunity to take a leading position in eco-tourism in Bali.-The preservation and regeneration of fish stocks will also improve fishery resources. 

Social-The environmental and economic impacts have the effect of improving the comfort of life of local communities.-The dynamics of the conservation program also encourages the development of educational programs for local schools. A school dedicated to marine ecology will be built in the year coming.-The success of this program will be a model for other villages in the same situation.


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