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President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos

The Colombian Health System has Become the People's Cancer

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The Colombian health system is facing one of its biggest crises after 1993, healthcare was provided through a single public insurer. Law 100 introduced private insurers under regulated competition. The users of Colombia’s healthcare system are divided into two groups: those who pay for their healthcare plan with their own and their employers’ money and those who get it subsidized with taxpayers’ pesos. This campaign seeks to re−evaluate our current reform, some of the major changes in our health system urgently−needed:

*A great number of patients sue their healthcare providers for refusing to cover certain treatments or medicines not included in the health insurance called POS.

* By Law, Colombian hospitals have an obligation to treat extreme life and death emergencies for free. That means, minimal medical attention just enough to stabilize the patient. A patient who needs medical follow up is left to fend for himself.

* Everyday, hundreds of people affiliated to the subsidized health-care system have to wait in line from 3:00 a.m. to get an appointment with the doctor.

* Health services in Colombia vary from one area to another. Depending on where you live, you may literally left to die or in severe pain if you cannot afford treatment. Many poor colombians die as a result.

Healthcare is a fundamental right, not a privilege. Human life must be respected and protected.

Please join our campaign in declaring your support for comprehensive health system reform now!

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Ruth Murillo

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Health Care is a Right and Colombian People Need your Help.

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