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মানুষ মানুষের জন্য , জীবন জীবনের জন্য,
একটু সহানুভতী কি মানুষ, মানুষের কাছে পেতে পারেনা???
We Bangali Hindus are the most weird community in this world. We start jumping when it comes to shout for awami league or movement like shahbag but when hindus die, their temples get burnt, houses get looted, women and babies cry, then we dont say much. I cant see the hindu boys saying anything now against the oppression on hindus but they same boys were posting for shahbag and league everyday before. We have contacted with lots of hindus in different parts of the world with very few responses. This is the real picture of hindus, we are more awami leaguer then hindus and thats why the govt doesnt bother to help us, they wait for the order from High court to compensate us. We are just like loyal dogs.


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