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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

Mark Zuckerberg, 

Facebook is a wonderful vehicle to keep in touch with family and friends around the world and become members of groups that share our interests. It is not, however, a good place to be when your self esteem and health can be so easily destroyed by bullies on Facebook.

Please stand by your own published Safety and Protecting Other People's Rights rules and take action to stop cyber bullying on Facebook.

Please instruct your staff not to keep ignoring reports from people who are targets and further dis-empower them by doing so.

We consider that Facebook’s failure to act on complaints in respect to violations of it’s own published policies and lack of any response to the reporting of incidents constitutes negligence on behalf of Facebook.


Mary Phillips

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How this will help

Bullying is a major cause of suicide, depression and health problems in our society.

If you care, please stand up and add your voice. Together we can do something to stamp out this unacceptable behaviour.

Thank you.


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