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"@StumbleUpon now is the time to end inequitable labeling of LGBT sex. Rename topics as LGBT porn and Straight porn"

Let's End Inequities Between LGBT and Straight Labels for Adult Material

So far, StumbleUpon has transferred LGBT culture categories from the "not safe" list to the "safe list." This took place several week ago. We have accomplished half of our goal, so congrats!!

Meanwhile, LGBT sex remains on the "not safe" list because, according to a rep from StumbleUpon, those categories lead to pornographic sites.  Below is an email I sent on 3/14/13 to the rep from StumbleUpon who has been corresponding with me.  Hopefully, if we continue to pressure (positively encourage) StumbleUpon, they will make the categories more equitable.

Dear (rep from StumbleUpon):

It's been a week since my last message to you.  As I've not received a reply, I am following up to clarify and to see if we can negotiate a satisfactory conclusion.

I have read your responses carefully, and I understand the rationale for keeping "sexual health" on the safe list without labeling it according to different sexual orientations.  Also, I understand the rationale for keeping LGBT sex on the not safe list because the majority of websites associated with it are pornographic.  So, both of these category settings seem reasonable.

However, the concern regarding equality arises in the labeling of pornographic categories on the not safe list. The inequality exists here: on the not safe list, LGBT pornography is labeled "LGBT sex" while non-LGBT pornography is simply labeled "pornography."  This distinction basically implies LGBT sex automatically equals LGBT pornography, while "pornography" automatically means the content is heterosexual sex only. 

I've clearly heard your explanation that the majority of StumbleUpon users understand the distinction. Yet, I've not heard from you that the distinction is equitable.

To make the not safe list equitable for all sexual orientations, there are basically three solutions:

1. Rename "pornography" as "straight sex" in order to match the labeling of LGBT sex, or

2. Rename LGBT sex as "LGBT pornography" in order to match the assumption that "pornography" automatically means "straight sex," or

3. Rename all pornography categories according to the associated sexual orientation: LGBT pornography and Straight pornography (which will negate any assumptions).

I am asking you to consider a positive resolution to the inequality described earlier.  Several of the individuals who have signed the petition have also expressed their opinion about the current labels on the not safe list.  For those who have expressed their concerns, the inequality is no small matter to ignore:

Are you satisfied with changes StumbleUpon has made (as of 3.1.13)?
Does it matter to you to have your sex life associated with porn?

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy email and for potentially negotiating a satisfactory conclusion.

~Suzanne Coleman

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