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All social services child protective departments

What is going on in today's time is social services are illegally getting custody of children from their families by not following legal protocols.  They are filing false allegations against parents and having the in my case Chief Judge sign a petition in allowing these issues to be awarded.  Parents know these days due to economy slow slow cannot afford legal representation, again in my case two attorneys I hired were quoted by a Federal Judge committed malpractice against me in totaling $7500. in payments they received by me. So where does that leave me in fighting for my daughters return? PRO-SE I am now reprsenting myself with every single individual including Chief Judge Brady being one of my defendants along with the DSS attorney who allowed these illegal actions to take place and support raketeering of illegal adoptions by these agencies.


Dianna Peterman

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To support the law passed in January of 2012 that childrens voices will be heard in defense of wrongfully accused parents of child abuse.

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