Sign the Petition to Supreme Court of India and Chief Minister of Gujarat State

The Asiatic Lion appears on the Emblem of India; in fact, four of them appear back-to-back, respectively, facing in four different directions. However, at present, the Kings of the Jungle are looking in only one direction, that is, towards extinction.

The real boiling issue with the Indian lions is the lack of space in Gir National Park. Wildlife Institute of India (WII) had recommended the forests of Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh as a site for favorable relocation, but Gujarat State refuses to part with a few of these lions in fear of losing its tag of being the “only home of Asiatic Lions“.

The Supreme Court of India is actively monitoring this situation. However, due to this situation, Kuno-Palpur has lost out on the timely reintroduction program of Cheetah, planned to be brought in from Africa. 

The Supreme Court of India says the relocation of Asiatic Lions should happen first followed by the Cheetah reintroduction. So if you see, Gujarat State is actually slowly killing these majestic beings, to which it is a home.

Please sign this petition and roar for the Asiatic Lion's much-needed new home and lets reach out to the The Supreme Court of India and The Chief Minister of Gujarat State. Read more at Roars of Distress - Asiatic Lions.


Girish Urwar

Please sign the petition and roar for the Indian Lion. With some 200 breeding individuals left in the wild, the Asiatic Lions are on the brink of extinction; may be closer. They may be gone before, we can even realize. For example, an outbreak of a disease, may wipe them out in few days. Their depleting number was the prime reason due to which The Royal Bengal Tiger was adopted as India's National Animal in 1972 over the Asiatic Lion. However, neither of them has fared well since then. Especially the Lion. If ever there was a need for a new home for our Lions, it is right now!


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