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All people who know the truth on Cannabis, Marijuana, and want her to be free.

We the people have the right to use Marijuana. For any purpose such as medical or for pleasure. Or any other reason we see fit. As we are free. We the people as being signed. Demand the legal use and decriminalization of Cannabis Marijuana. We the people as free people. Have the right to decide what is beneficial to us. We the people know of your Oaths to the Queen and the Queens coronation Oath. She states Gods law is #1. Gods law says we get all plants bearing seed. So if you keep such laws in effect. How is it you and all who enforce it are not breaking your Oaths? Also how are you not in fact enforcing slavery? As we are free and equal no matter the title. Consent makes the laws. We do not consent. This is to help others and who do not know which is legal or which is lawful. By deceiving us on such laws is fraud, and forced enslavement. All definitions of the words here in can be found in Blacks Law Dictionary 1-8.     


Aaron Schaefer

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For their right as a free man and woman. To decide what is right and what is wrong for their self. To prevent homes and family's from being destroyed, and to prevent people going to jail on victimless charges. 


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