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Dear Mr Murdoch,

Why is a global company such as News Group International trying to destroy a small family business and ruin the lives of a woman struggling on her own in a foreign country with three children.

I have been running a small English language newspaper in Spain providing an income for my family and a small handful of employees. We called it El Sun because it was for people who were living or visiting the sunshine.

Years ago, not long after I started out, when other local jealous publications complained to News Group, your own staff including The Sun’s then circulation manager Alan Palfreyman’s assistant Linda dismissed the matter. She said: “Why would we be worried about a small local newspaper that is printed every two weeks, when we sell millions of copies worldwide every day?”

However in the past few months your representatives have prevented us from printing our newspaper and forced our website to be removed from the internet.

Not only are you destroying my business but my personal life and a charity that helps people in trouble in Spain.

It quite clearly states on the masthead of my publication “The Number One INDEPENTELY OWNED English newspaper in Spain” leaving people in no doubt that we are not connected to your newspapers in any way.

In 2005 your lawyer Christopher Cross claimed he had been unable to trace me for five years. Apparently he wanted to inform me that News Group were taking action on behalf of The Sun against me.

I found this puzzling as at the time I was also working as a freelancer for The News of the World. Deputy News Editor, Dave Rigby had no problem finding and contacting me about stories so I don’t understand why Mr Cross couldn’t.

I had moved from the Canary Islands and renamed my paper The Spanish Sun, but according to Christopher Cross I was not allowed to use the word “Sun”.

 Once again Mr Cross confused me as there are other papers in the UK and around the world with Sun in their titles.

I had no further contact with Mr Cross and so went about my small business with no idea of what News Group had planned.

Going back to 1993 when we launched the Tenerife Sun, my then business partner Sandie Laming, who also worked for News Group publications, spoke to company and said we were launching, she was told this was not a problem. From 1993 our newspaper, in various forms, has worked on many stories for News Group’s UK publications.

Mr Murdoch, I don’t have the money to fight you, however, I am appealing to your humanity to not put a woman out of business and jeopardise the lives of three children, who have already suffered enough.

Please tell me why you are doing this, I surely can’t be of any commercial risk to The Sun?

Jan Cooney

[email protected]


Jan Cooney

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To Help a family in Spain, and against the bullying tactics of large companies.


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