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With aggressive and immediate treatment following a head injury people can benefit from the natural spontaneous healing ability of the brain. Millions of people are missing the opportunity for treatment and support and they 'fall through the net' and become the unknown statistics of brain injury. This does lead to long-term disability, to families being torn apart, to suicide, homelessness, bankruptcy and even imprisonment. 

The outcome for people who are dismissed, simply because of a lack of training and awareness, are horrendous and this can be changed. It has been proven through scientific research that the cost of treatment is less than long-term disability caused when people are left to struggle without help.

Everyone needs to sign this petition. Brain injury strikes hard and fast without warning - it does not discriminate and it does not recognise borders. Please, don't become a 'lost' statistic that no government can count. If one in ten people you know can be affected, then this could just as easily be you or someone you love...

It isn't only our doctors who don't know about TBI - much of the worlds' population don't know either and herein lay other dangers. If you don't know about TBI then you won't know where to go for help and you won't know what questions to ask...

Please sign the petition and please educate yourself.


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