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United States govenment and the states govened by the United States of America

     We the under signed hereby state that we feel that being of an non christian faith that are rights are being striped away. We are asking that all state and the United States government remove all declaration that declares any certain religion as being their religion.

     This is a not only a act of violation against the constitution, but also the people of the United States that does not follow the religion, that the State has set forth as their religion. By doing so it has opened the opportunity to where Pagans all over the United States can be discriminated against because of their religion. If a person so chooses to they can refuse service of any kind to that person including but not limited to housing, medical, food supply and etc.

     Therefore we ask that not only the United States Government but all states revoke their house bills and any other laws that declare they are of any certain religion and that a law will be passed given us protection against any person or government. In doing so the freedom of religion will be exactly that, freedom to worship in any religion without fear and worry of retaliation.


Jesse Bozarth

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Pagan followers are being discriminated against just because they are not christians.

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