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In last few hundred years the human development was rapid, we developed and adopted new ways of living, we built sky scrapers, we manufactured vehicles and electronics appliances and so on. All these ways of adaptations and changes contributed in making our life style better in many terms.

But when we were adopting and making changes in our life style we just ignored the price which we were paying. In this partial development we were unable to see that we were highly contributing towards destruction too, as we never thought of giving back responsibly what we have taken from our mother nature. This irresponsible attitude of just consuming the resources without ever trying to replenish them, contributed to destruction and this destruction has certainly surpassed all other benefits of our partial development.

What we can see around us now is the after effect of all our irresponsible acts and attitude, whether it's increased number of flood, drought or any other calamity happening around the world. All these are the results of our irresponsible contribution towards destruction.

But now it's too late to just regret over what we have done. It's high time for us to take step to turn ourselves from irresponsible individuals to responsible human beings. Though certainly we can't replenish all or can't be a great producer of what we have consumed till now, but what we can surely do is, to conserve what we are still left with, and try to replenish whatever we can. All it need is strong persistence and just a little contribution by all.

So if you want to save our mother nature from further destruction please do contribute because your little contribution is the only thing that is needed for the big cause of conservation. 

The trees are a peculiar organism of unlimited kindness and benevolence that makes no demands for its sustenance and extends generously the products of its life and activity; it affords protection to all beings. 


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