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It's been a month since Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean you should stop expressing your love and appreciation for the people in your life.

This week, your challenge is to write a love letter to someone special to you. Your letter doesn't need to be romantic (unless you want it to be!), the goal is to choose someone who's made a big positive impact on your life and continues to make it better over time and to take a few minutes to tell them how you feel. It's easy to enjoy someone's company without ever reflecting on exactly why, and even easier to forget to tell that someone how much they mean to you. Take a few minutes and rectify that for one of the important relationships in your life.

Don't sell your affection short, write your feelings like they are. The person who receives your letter loves you enough to forgive any awkwardness, and what you say will be more meaningful for being honest. When I wrote my best friend earlier this year I told her that if she ever needed me I'd drop anything and be there - it may sound cliched, but I know it's true and she appreciated hearing it in those simple words straight from me.

Now get going! Choose some pretty paper and pens and pull out the glitter, compose an email, or write on the back of photos of your favorite things to do together. Deliver your letter in person, put it in the mail, or tuck it in a book or bag. Just make sure you're taking time to tell the important people in your life why they mean so much to you.

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