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Do everything in my power to support RAND PAUL in the 2016 presidential election

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Rand Paul is a great senator from Kentucky he has showed that he is for the people and wants to abide by the Constitution, unlike Obama, who is being like a tyrant, that wants to skip over the rest of the government and make executive decisions on his own that affects everyone.  No man should have that right, but he does it anyways and the democrats and liberals are loving it. They are using the "liberal" media stations to lie and manipulate citizens into believing the crap the left side wants, they put all the bad stuff that happens on the right side or republicans, so they can look good and draw in more uneducated or gullible people to back them on their side. They magnify what the republican do and get mad if anything they do is pointed out.  Any other president would have been impeached at the very least by now. Unlike Obama, Rand Paul believes that the American peoples right shall not be infringed and upholds ALL parts of the Constitution.  He doesn't believe in gun control or the use of drones to kill Americans without due process.  Rand Paul listens to the people and his actions support what they want.  He is willing to compromise with others on important issues if they would only speak with him and listen to what he has to say, which they do not.  The president and other democrats want government to run every aspect of citizens lives.  This is a liberal view.  Rand Paul is not like that and believes citizens should have the rights the Constitution states. Rand Paul is a great leader that is for the people and has so many great ideas that i can not name them all. Everyone can do something to back Rand Paul's ideas and help him in the presidential election in 2016.  Sign this pledge to support Rand Paul and show that you are not going to stand for Obama and his followers that are infringing in our lives and that want the government to be even more involved in our Americans lives, is only going to hurt our future way of life. Show these "liberal, lefty's" that the smart American side "the right wing" are not going to take their non sense rederick anymore, that we will say yes to Rand Paul and that we are not going to let this presidential dictator and his followers  take our individual rights away,  WE WILL NOT let these people destroy our American way of life. If democrats and liberal get more influence and get their way, people will eventually see what a mistake that was but it will be to late. I will not have a hand in helping Obama, democrats and liberals destroy our individual rights that our ancestors fought so hard for us to have. If you WILL NOT support Obama's dictatorship and want your individual rights, and want someone to uphold ALL of the parts of the CONSTITUTION (not just some or parts of it) then say yes to Rand Paul and  Support him now on his political ideas and support him come election day in 2016. Help to preserve our American way of life, for you and your kids' futures'. 

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