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Everyone who was born in the Soufriere Region

The OAS funded a programme in the
Soufriere Community known as The Soufriere Development Programme (SDP) with a
fixed life span and a specific mandate. From that programme, three public
spirited individuals from the town of Soufriere saw the potential to use the
resources for the community for Eco- based Tourism. They incorporated a not for
profit company which is now known as the Soufriere Regional Development
Foundation (The Foundation). The mandate was to identify and manage the natural
resources of the Soufriere Region and to utilise them for the benefit of the
region and the development of its people. This flagship community organisation
has been replicated by many. For more than a decade The Foundation has been
used as a political football. Some members of successive boards have used their
positions on such boards to peddle their own self-interest. The Articles of Incorporation
have changed so many times that people of the region are no longer aware of
anything to do with its operations. We need to make The Foundation accountable
to all of us from Soufriere Region. The entire operational structure must
change. This means that the Articles of Incorporation must change to give us
some measure of control and to make board members accountable to the people of
the Region. The Foundation can’t continue as it is. We need to start a sensitisation
process. We call on the current Board members to:

1.  Hold
a meeting to educate the people of the Soufriere Region about the foundation

2.  Make
Audited Financials Public Documents

3.  Make
Project Reports with Budget expenditures Public

4.  Change
the Article of Incorporation which allows for Political Part Leaders to appoint
the entire board.

5.  Make
projects items for discussion and consultations with the people of the region
for deliberation before sanctioning projects.


Carnita Cenac

This petition closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

The people of the town have no voice and no choice on decisions taken by the Foundation about matters which directly affect them.


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