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President Obama in his State of the Union address says that we must act to stop global climate change.  If the Congress won't act, then he is order the US Government to act to take the appropriate actions to reduce the impact of green house gases and mitigate the effects with all deliberate speed.

A recent policy poll study conducted by Yale Universities Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Climate Change Communication, indicated that 60% of the American people want the United States to transition to renewable energy sources and stop using fossil fuel.

Dr. Mark Jacobson at Stanford University and Dr. Mark Delucchi at the University of California at Davis have been conducting extensive research on this issue and have publish many scientific papers and articles including the Nov. 2009 issue of Scientific American and the two March 2011 articles in Energy Policy.  Their research has led them to conclude that we can transition to 100% use of renewable energy sources by the year 2030, with existing technology, without using fossil fuel or nuclear power.  Germany has adopted a similar plan and will obtain 80 % of their energy from renewable sources by 2022 and shut down all of their nuclear power plants.  If the Germans can do this we can do this.

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