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SB72 has passed the full Senate House 21-0. It has taken much compromise between the proponents of the bill and the Legislative Hispanic Caucus to get this far. With the current language we believe we have accomplished much in the right direction. Now we must get SB72 through the Assembly. Please contact the members of the Assembly Natural Resources committee and voice your support for this very important piece of legislation. Also lease continue to share the link to this petition so we can continue to show so much support for this important piece of legislation.Thank you each and every one of you!!!!

Horse Tripping is an event conducted in secluded areas all over Nevada. This horrible act occurs at rodeo style events as performers lasso the legs of a horse causing it to trip and somersault forward. In this act, a 1000 pound horse is made to run 25 to 30 mph, then to have it's legs pulled from underneath it. Horse tripping has been known to cause serious injuries and even death. Eleven other states have banned this form of animal cruelty and it is time that Nevada become one of them. Laura Leigh has spent the past two years photographing and recording rodeo events in Nevada, but she had never witnesses an event as cruel as horse tripping:

"'The horses were obviously injured, the events did not stop once and I was there two days. They were run over and over again,'" Leigh told members of the Senate Natural Resources Committee Tuesday. "'What I saw that day was not an event. It was cruelty.'" [1]

The people of Nevada do not want to treat our animals this way. Please sign this petition and send a message to our legislators that it is time for Nevada to end this practice!

Please also share & support Senator Mark Manendo and his SB 72 to stop Nevada fatal horse tripping!!!! & share your opinion here and share share share this....asap!!!!

[1] Senate committee considers banning horse-tripping


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