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I sent this to David and co today in our government... If you agree with me please SHARE to everyone, the true story within this email.

I am Kirk Martin and I am really pissed off with what you are doing to this country...

I am struggling along, I cannot work full time due to illness, which I am not getting any help with from my doctor, because they are worried about spending money. I am diabetic and yet have not had a check up in over 9 months, the doctor has not even been in touch to book one with me, or to see if I am ok.
Dr Emil Shehadeh, Quebec Road, Tilbury RM18 7RB, Phone 01375 842396, has not even bothered to check anything about me, is this the kind of caring health care that you like in the UK. Its not just me, I have a customer who is also at the same doctors, when he goes there all he keeps saying is that its his age and should get on with it, he is old, however he has also fought for this country, to keep it free from invasion. Yet this good kind man, is treated like scum...

Another issue I have is for another friend of mine, he has had 4 heart failures, cannot stay awake for more then 3 hours at a time, cannot walk for a long distance due to knee issues, is on enough pain killers to take down a elephant. Has serious diabetes issues, yet you have turned around and said he is fit to work! I was speechless when I saw the letter he showed me, I have never seen such a big fella, and he is a big fella, cry like that. He said to me I don't know what I am going to do, I cannot live without the benefits and I cannot work with my health issues. This man also fought for his country, in Ireland, he risked his life to save ours, yet you treat him like scum...

So I have to ask the question, which is totally honest, you know me Jackie I don't mess around! Why are you feeding the poor to the rich? 

You may as well be cutting them up and putting them into the food, because that is all you are doing to help the people that served it so well. I am disgusted in the way you have not helped the poor, I am disgusted in the fact you still take from us without caring what happens, I am disgusted TO CALL YOU OUR PRIME MINISTER... I bet Winston Churchill is spinning in his grave, do you think he went to all that effort, just to let you mess the country up and the people, who count, within it.

If you continue to carry on like this, do the decent thing and STEP DOWN AS PRIME MINISTER. Let someone else do the job, who is in touch with the people, understands that the rich need to pay for things, and help those who have fought for our country. The government disgusts me in its current form, and you disgust the people who fought to keep you free from evil.

I have nothing else to say, apart from I hope my friends do not die from poor care from you. I do wonder, how much blood will be on your hands?

A Disgusted

Kirk Martin... Fighting for the poor of this country.


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