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The city of Lima is being threatened by several mafia like groups that took it upon themselves to remove the mayor from office. On March 17, Susana Villarán, the first woman be democratically elected as Peru's capital main authority, could be removed from her post. This plebiscite is a legal instrument, created to remove public officials from their posts. It is obtained by collecting a number of signatures from the public and it does not require a specific motive or proof.

Unfortunately, most of these signatures were obtained by offering free food to poor people, thus taking advantage of their main necessities. The only argument that the people who promote this plebiscite in Lima keep repeating is that the Mayor "does not do her job". This is entirely false. They have ignored a good deal of city projects that are currently being executed by Lima´s Municipality and that are plainly explained  on its website. These projects would remain in limbo or drift if the Mayor is indeed removed. Also, they have not explained what would happen to Lima if the highest authority is revoked. The reason is simple: they are afraid to tell the public that the city would be misgoverned by a person who was not elected democratically. They would also leave Lima without the original vision of progress that the current administration has proposed.

Municipal authorities in Peru have a 4 year period. Why cut that period short? The Mayor is not stealing nor is Lima backsliding because of her. Without the Mayor, there is no one who can lead the current change. Two years would have to pass until a new Mayor could be elected and other projects could begin. Do we really deserve to go back into the past? We are asking for your support so these mafia like groups do not take over this city.

It is the duty of every citizen who loves Lima to defend it, and also from the ones who will not accept the fact that almost 9 million inhabitants will fall into misrule. Political ideas are not the only things that are in jeopardy here, but the development of Lima and its families as well.

Let´s take a stand for Lima and not allow corruption, mafias and chaos to take over one of the biggest Latin American cities..

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