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NOT FORGET & spread the word on responsible pet ownership

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How this will help

All of us understand the issues of over-flooding animal shelters and the interest in developing no-kill zones where pets can be re-introduced into society when they find a loving home. That's what Forgotten Tails is all about!

That's why we would like to share some cool tips from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter and ask that each one of you abide by these commitments and share them with your friends, neighbors, and even strangers.  So if you or someone you know has a pet, don't forget to:

  • Provide food, water, shelter and love every day.
  • Make sure your pet gets spayed/neutered by a veterinarian. Need a recommendation on where to go? Just ask us!
  • Take my pet to the vet when he/she gets sick.
  • Keep my pet's vaccinations current to prevent sickness in my pet and to others
  • Make sure my pet gets plenty of exercise everyday. Don't forget, playing fetch is fun for both you and Fido!
  • Never, Never ever ever, let my pet run freely outside so he/she does not end up lost, hurt or in a shelter. We don't want your loved one to become a FORGOTTEN TAIL.

That's all there is to being a responsible pet owner. We KNOW you can do it.

And we KNOW you probably have a friend or family member who might love their pet, but needs a gentle reminder about these basic principles of responsible pet ownership. Can you help them remember? Can you ask them to take this pledge to be a responsible pet owner? Because if you do, you might just save a Forgotten Tail.

Take the pledge to save a #ForgottenTail today by being a Responsible Pet Owner!

Thanks ya'll!


(saved by: Allie D. Cat)


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