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As a qualified and experienced groomer, I have worked around the world grooming and have had many different experiences within the industry.

I have seen many headlines about dogs and pets injured and even dying, due to poor groomers. 

Dogs ears been cut off and glued on.
Paws cut so short, dogs having to be rushed for emergency care.
Dogs dying and burnt in caged dryers.
Dogs dropping dead on tables due to stress.
Dogs loosing coat due to bad grooming.

Allergic reactions, sensitive skin becoming inflamed sore and weeping due to wrong shampoos. 

Ear infections after water in the ears due to bad washing. 

Pets been kicked, pulled, punched and handled in inappropriate manors. 

Dogs becoming scared of groomers due to past bad experiences. 

Dogs hanged on nooses (trying to jump off tables, baths while not supervised) 
Dogs dying due to concussion after falling off tables unsupervised. 


When you leave your dog with a groomer, you should be happy that your dog will be cared for and groomed professionally.

Many people see the market is growing and designer pets (that need grooming) are becoming more popular. They see grooming as a easy way to money. However in reality it is extremely hard work and you must love animals and enjoy educating the owners. You must also have the knowledge and experience to care properly for the animals within your care. When the animals are in your care, they are YOUR responsibility. 

I feel that the disasters that have been coming into headlines are due to groomers becoming to greedy and doing too many dogs at once, This to an educated groomer is an extremely bad idea ad un-necessary. 

I groom one to one, therefore I have my eye and hands on the dog I am grooming at all times, I was taught this in my education.

Educated groomers are taught to handle the animals, read behavioural trates. breeds and breed standards, illnesses, signs of good and ill health, how to trim nails without bleeding, how to hold scissors correctly, how to clipper correctly, how to wash and dry correctly.

This ensures the following -  

Aggressive behaviour towards the pets (due to not knowing the signs and loosing patience) is avoided as you cannot pass your education if you can not handle your pet in a well mannered and kind way, without causing stress!.

clipping work is done safe and the correct blades are used in the correct areas - avoiding cuts and skin rips.

Scissor work is controlled and in the appropriate areas - avoiding cuts and trying to cut dangerous areas. 

Dogs are controlled stress free and patiently - avoiding stress, aggression and fits!

Pupils are taught how to deal with medical emergencies - Fits, Bleeds, loss of balance etc so your pet will be delt with efficiently. 

At the moment you can open and run your own salon or train in a salon from knowing nothing about animal welfare, behaviour or health,  You do not need any qualifications or experience to be a groomer. 
Courses are available online through books without ANY practical experience of dealing with animals. 

This is a highly skilled job and should be allowed the same respect that a veterinary nurse or surgeon should have. 

We have to bath, dry and style your pets with scissors, clippers and razors, we use products medicated for certain skin types, we give advise on health problems and diets, we clean ears, clear infections and waste from anal sacs. These all need QUALIFIED people to do these jobs, you can cause serious life changing damage and DEATH if you do not know what you are doing. 

Please help control the pet industry and ensure all pets are in safe hands regardless of where they are or what they are having done. 

This cause is to change the law in the EU and US to ensure ALL groomers working on living animals are QUALIFIED to a minimum of level 2 CIty Guilds or the state / countries equivalent. 

Once I have enough sig's I will send this to parliament and the top authorities to change the law. 

(I will attach atricles to the petition to back up horrific stories that are happening and have happened in teh past globally)


Jenny Farrell

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How this will help

Anybody who has a dog or pet and you use a groomer, you should sign.

When you leave your pets in the care of somebody, you should be assured that the person knows what they are doing, has the...

Anybody who has a dog or pet and you use a groomer, you should sign.

When you leave your pets in the care of somebody, you should be assured that the person knows what they are doing, has the ability to do the job and cope with any mishaps. 

You should be confident that you are going to get your pet back in a safe, healthy and happy state. 

Grooming is a highly skilled job and should be viewed at the same level as a veterinary nurse. We do a more interactive job and yet some have never been near a dog before they decide to take up the career.

They are currently NO entry requirements for dog grooming, and you can open and insure your salon without ANY education or experiance. 

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your groomer is qualified, MAKE IT THE LAW! 

Dogs die and are injured regularly due to neglect, un trained and greedy hands. 

Read more the peition for more details. 

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