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Anybody who has a dog or pet and you use a groomer, you should sign.

When you leave your pets in the care of somebody, you should be assured that the person knows what they are doing, has the ability to do the job and cope with any mishaps. 

You should be confident that you are going to get your pet back in a safe, healthy and happy state. 

Grooming is a highly skilled job and should be viewed at the same level as a veterinary nurse. We do a more interactive job and yet some have never been near a dog before they decide to take up the career.

They are currently NO entry requirements for dog grooming, and you can open and insure your salon without ANY education or experiance. 

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your groomer is qualified, MAKE IT THE LAW! 

Dogs die and are injured regularly due to neglect, un trained and greedy hands. 

Read more the peition for more details. 

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