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Never bully anyone and to spread the word so we can end bullying for good!

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How this will help

Together we can all work to raise awareness and spread the word about bullying and the harmful affects and consequences young teens face from this awful matter. Bullying is mostly common among students in school K-12th grade. Bullying is most common in the ages of 10-14. 1 in 7 students is a bully or is victim of bullying. 160,000 children and young teens miss school in fear of being bullied and 56% have witnessed bullying at their school, however most do no report it to anyone. Young girls ages 10-14 is the most common age for suicidal thoughts and actions; and suicide happens very often from this. We hear about new suicides around the entire world almost everyday, it's the third leading cause of death among young adults and bullying is a huge cause of these suicides. Bullying is not only hurting the victims being bullied, but also the bullies themselves and society at whole. Often, the young teens who were bullied want to get revenge on that bully and the other teens at school. Therefore, many victims have brought a gun to school in attempt to hurt the bully like they hurt them. This is such a dangerous situation, and has so many downsides the consequences are horrific. I ask you today, to Take a Stand Lend a Hand. Take the pledge to end bullying for good! 

-Juliana Harris


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