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Share stories about people with similar circumstances and help draw the line against relatives greed

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If your properties were left in the care with family and relatives upon your travel and tried to take it back upon your return, if you were overtaken by the emotions and trust of family and didn't make necessary steps to protect your will (most likely...due to prevalnce of occurances and stories had been hearing for past three years) wind in court  battles for years while your needing to prove your case 100x and all through out they stay in control until all appeals exhuasted....a very tedious, expensive and major ugly war....Unfortunately in most cases the (current weakly enforced) law cannot help you if they own any one share in these properties. In particular if they stood behind their many aquintanences and local political millitias that control the turf mean while economic many opportunities will be lost not to mention living as a refuge all through. Please sharre stories you heared about these occurances to better document and shed more media lights on its dimensions...This is by no means the way we treat family members whose travel benfited the family itself and the country as a whole. We must draw the line against family and relatives greed and abuse.
الاهمال القليل  يولد الأذى الكتير: لعدم وجود المسامير قد فقدت الحدوة؛ لعدم وجود الحدوة فقد الحصان، وبسبب الحاجة إلى الحصان فقد الفارس (عمي بنجامين فرانكلين) شو رايكن....


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