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Save the Dogs! Support No-Kill Shelters!

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Always rescue or adopt shelter pets!

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

By signing this pledge, I am making a commitment not to support Puppy Mills and Breeders who sell their animals at high prices and over-breed!  This leads to the overpopulation problem we are experiencing now!

Too many animals die each year due to this issue and we need it to stop.  Many Rescue groups, such as Petzone Dog Rescue, Inc.  Work hard to rescue these animals from euthanasia, but they only have room for a limited number of animals. 

There is NO WAY we can save them all WITHOUT YOUR HELP!

By signing this I am also committing to Spay/Neuter my companion animal to ensure that I am helping to put an end to the overpopulation problem in my area!

GIVEAWAYS:  We will have random prizes that we will giveaway throughout the year.  Winners will be contacted on a monthly basis to let them know what they have won! 


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