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Give the gift of hope.

There are millions of survivors of abuse, be it financial, emotional, mental, physical or sexual. Did you know almost a quarter of children are sexually abused? That a third of women are battered or raped? That one in six men are raped as well?

Staggering isn't it? But as bad as these numbers are, what's even worse is all those who, either out of fear or shame or both, keep it a secret. They carry the burden and bear the pain alone, in silence.

But when we get survivors to talk about their experiences, the results are so overwhelmingly positive - both for them and for us:

  1. Only by sharing their experiences can survivors of abuse begin to heal. Only then do they realize they are not to blame; and that they have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide.
  2. If we don't meet the survivors and hear the stories, if we're not constantly reminded that the problem exists -- and if we're not constantly reminded of the magnitude of the problem, we will never put an end to abuse.
We simply cannot keep this buried under the rug.
Which is where the Stop Abuse Campaign comes in. We ignite the conversations. On Capitol Hill. In the media. On blogs. On our website. And through petitions.

All of which costs money.

What better gift for you to give, than the gift of hope and encouragement. To encourage and empower those who have suffered in silence to raise their voices and be silent no more. What better way for you to give thanks, than to help us help those who haven't been as blessed.

To let them know we care, and that we're listening.

With your generous help today, the Stop Abuse Campaign can continue to provide life changing moments for survivors of abuse. Give whatever you can afford. We are grateful for all donations, regardless of the amount, and as a 501(c)3 your donation is tax deductible.

Raise your voice in support today. Give us the funds we need to get this job done. So we can all look forward to the day when there are no more stories. Because there is no more abuse. Yes, it's possible, but not without your help.

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