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So many innoccent people die for absolutely nothing and all the criminals gets, is to go to prison, where they not really feel the pain of others. Not only the people who was raped & murder, suffers, but also the families & friends close to those who was murdered or raped. For those who did the crime, should be punished the right way, not just ending up in jail, to be released and commiting a crime again. Bring back the death penalty for the brutal murders & rape on innocent people... I believe the only people that can help by bringing back the death-penalty, is those who sign the petition and the president in parliment who can see our plea. Please bring back the death-penalty, Mr. President?, as that you are the person to make the rules in South-Africa, aswell to spread the word overseas for everyone to see and sign.


Roelanda Wagenaar

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So that we can bring back the death-penalty for all brutal murders & rapes on innoccent people, women, men, gays, lesbians, children, farmers, elderly people, ext.

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