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The Run The Race Club, Inc. is an inner city refuge for children who live in dangerous neighborhoods. 5 year - 20 year olds are welcome to take refuge in The Center: a renovated school building where they can play sports, music, do art, read, do homework, get tutored, fix bikes, play board games and eat a hot meal, all the while surrounded by people who love them. They can also take food and clothes home to their families. Inner city children see drug users every day, hear gunshots, are afraid when a car comes down the street at night, see fights and are victims of theft. They are often in fear. We offer them a safe, cheerful, pleasant place to be in order to help them shut out the violence and turmoil of their world, at least for a little while each day. 

Our campaign is for the basics - we need to keep the lights and heat on and the security system working. Without those basics, we won't be able to offer the children a safe place to be. 

We are kicking off a Keep The Lights On Campaign so the children will have less darkness in their lives. Please help us. Thank you.

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