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An incredible story of a dog with her legs cut off and her soul thorn in pain, touched us till tears! Xena was abandoned on a piece of cartoon in the train station, full of blood and with her legs thorn apart! When our help was asked, we thought how will we be able to manage?! We have our daily work and beside that we have over 100 animals in our care! Xena is now with 2 legs, on the same side, she needs special care like many others from our sanctuary, but we could not refuse to help her! We know that Xena needs us very much and someone is giving us a lot of work power and lot of energy to help these innocent souls! We don't know yet how Xena will be: if she'll be able to walk or she'll need an prosthesis or a special cart, WE DO KNOW only that no matter the situation we'll love her and care for her for the rest of her life if necessary. As we believe and we saw so many miracles, maybe for Xena also there is someone there who will adopt her and offer her a great life! For the ones who will come with the advice to put her to sleep, we ask you from our souls, please don't! APAM sanctuary has in care animals with 3 legs, with 2 legs, epileptic, blind…we have in our care animale waiting for a family for 14 years, we put NO animals to sleep, we let God decide their faith and we fight for each soul like it is our child! Within the following period it is very likely to be necessary for Xena to have several surgeries, her general condition is a stable one and Xena is a dog who wants to live! Any help, no matter how small it is, help us enormously! Thank you! 

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APAM`s accounts: Organization Name: Asociatia de Protectie a Animalelor Minis RAIFFEISEN BANK - Agentia Lipova jud. Arad,Romania ACCOUNT EURO: 891 0450 - IBAN: RO 04 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0450 - BIC: RZBRROBU ACCOUNT IN USD : 891 0477 - IBAN:RO51 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0477 - BIC: RZBRROBU ACCOUNT IN LEI: RO 59 RZBR 0000 0600 0878 4912


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