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Calaveras Unified School District Board of Trustees

Community members in the Calaveras Unified School District voted seven years ago to build a performing arts center at Calaveras High School.  It is time the Board Members move forward with new plans.  If the money available for the performing arts center is spent elsewhere (new cafeteria at Toyon, maintenance, etc.) we may never again have the money to build a theatre.  

Past, present and future students in choir, guitar, drama, and band have little in the way of performance space.  The "theatre" at the high school is insufficient.  Anytime our students want to perform they either have to rent or borrow a space from other organizations.  We want our programs to grow but our growth is stunted from lack of financial support on the part of our school board members.  


Nichole Markle

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Tell the board of trustees to build a performing arts center.  The time is now.  If community members don't speak up the money will be spent on other things in the district and we may never have a performance space.

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