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Urge authorities to be vigilant & educate against tyrannical abuse

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Nothing scarier than idiots in large numbers banding against a Returning Lebanese Expat and a student without adequate society protections  while using brutal barbaric assault , bullying,  repressive malicious treachery and shameful unchecked immoral abuse woven into an endless epic of tendentious polemic propaganda  to cover misdeeds of encroachment by force and fabrication of  malicious envy gossip to vindicate abuse, cruelty and greed. 

 Lynching mob would be more human and an Israeli occupation would be more merciful, even though it pale in comparison to what an ignorant determined clan nuts can cause of atrocieties.

Yet it is unofficially sanctioned by our authorities as if they don't know...While proof being  witheld due fear of witnesses without protection while Judges want 200% to prove 10%.


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