Sign the Petition to Any and everyone that feels that the justice system has and still continues to fail our youth. There is a current increase of many men and women becoming exconerated through DNA evidence,


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Please join our fight in endless efforts to free a black young man, never convicted of a crime, never been in trouble with the law. Only guilty of his apperance of looking the part of a prejudged black young thug, Mr. Alston is currently serving a 25 year sentence for a double murder that he has for the last 12 years expressed he has not committed. He has had no evidence and no witness to ever testify that he committed any crime, even down to the murder weapon that was later revealed thru a SLED bolostic report to not be the murder weapon, so then why is he still in jail?

 He was told by his attorney at the time he would never do anytime and that the charges would be dropped, so then why are we here? With Warren only having the reading ability of a 3rd or 4th grader he was forced into signing a plea deal that he was told he was going home based on soley he wanted to get home to his mother who had worried so much over her child that she suffered  a brain stroke and went into a coma. Now 12 years later the fight continues,....


Felicia L Holloway

To shed light on why should a man be judge by what he or she looks like, are we not American citizens and we should be allowed to express ourselves in anyway we wish. To shed light on to the fact that so many young black men are being giving harsh sentence some never to walk or taste the free life again.  Yet proclaim innocene and later to be found innocence through evidence that was withheld or never presented and later freed after spending more than a decade in jail.

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