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Contact my Senator regarding this Senate Bill and tell them I am against it.

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On Tuesday, March 12, 2013, the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services will hear SB58 by Senator Jane Nelson. This bill requires the integration of physical health and mental health services in Texas Medicaid.

This bill is about assessment and referral. In other words, mental health screening. But even more simple, its like trolling for patients among those who are not expressing mental health concerns. It also seems more like drug marketing than good medicine. 

This bill targets people of lower socioeconomic status who already have too few choices of health care provider. This is a vulnerable population, and people in it may not even know their rights to refuse screenings or treatments.

Here is a link to the bill if you want to read it:

This is the committee chairwoman's bill. The members of this committee need to hear from you.

Texans, please call the members of this committee. Get your friends to call the members of this committee. Express your disinterest in this bill. It needs to stop. 

In the mean time, hear are the committee members' phone numbers for you to call:

 Chair- Senator Jane Nelson- CAP 1E.5 512-463-0112

Vice- Bob Deuell EXT E1.704 512-463-0102

 Joan Huffman CAP 3E.2 512-463-0117

 Robert Nichols EXT E1.706 512-463-0103

 Charles Schwertner EXT E1.608 512-463-0105

 Larry Taylor CAP GE.5 512-463-0111

 Carlos Uresti EXT E1.804 512-463-0119

 Royce West CAP 1E.3 512-463-0123

 Judith Zaffirini CAP 1E.14 512-463-0121

Together we can stand against this Senate Bill and prevent it from becoming law. 

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